A Place
for Today and Tomorrow


Civic Improvement

designed around the city's changing needs
Altair is envisioned as the complementary residential component to Temecula’s Old Town as the two areas are integral to a successful urban environment. Being located directly adjacent to one another Altair will not only support the commercial uses of Old Town with its added population base but will also further diversify the Old Town experience.

Civic improvements include attractive trails, two large parks, several neighborhood parks and plazas, a café/coffee shop and a leading-edge elementary school; all organized to take advantage of the extraordinary vistas. In addition, the southern portion of the community is being designated for a commercial and/or institutional use benefiting the public such as a nature center, convention auditorium and/or cultural center.

Bypass Integration

carefully considered pedestrian and traffic flow
The Western Bypass Corridor is a transportation element which has been included in the City’s General Plan for nearly 20 years. It links Temecula Pkwy with Rancho California Rd, an important connection to alleviate traffic congestion in Old Town and on the 15 Fwy. While previously aligned higher on the hillside and connecting further north in a more disruptive location, our collaboration with the City has resulted in modifying the central and northern sections of the Bypass.

With sensitivities to nature and city needs, the improved Bypass creates a less intrusive pathway with more scenic ambiance while simultaneously preserving roughly 55 acres that would otherwise have been developed. The Bypass forms the western edge through most of the Altair community and acts as a buffer between development and the wildlife corridor to the west.

Access to Nature

expanded access and improved trails for the entire community
The site slopes dramatically, offering striking views of the valley and distant mountains as well as providing a visual backdrop to Old Town from below. Post-development, the rooftops will only rise approximately 20-25% up the majestic hillside resulting in the remaining slope being conserved and permanently maintained in its natural state.

The residences of Altair are organized by a series of neighborhood villages, each centered on a node or focal point and separated by landscaped terrain. These village nodes are linked by a main, relatively flat north-south road and by a network of pedestrian / bicycle paths creating a “string of pearls” within the community and a greater connection to miles of regional trails along the Murrieta Creek and beyond.